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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  March 3, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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catholic schools. who is locking the doors, and who is staying open. >> it was a claim, good clean identification. >> new technology helping to prevent any mistaken releases from maryland lock up. >> 79 percent of the $2.1 billion in stimulus grants awarded went to overseas companies. >> fox 45 on waste watch. where your stimulus dollars are being spent. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. begin with breaking news out of baltimore county at this hour. one person burned in a fire in woodlawn. it started around 9:00 tonight in the 3300 block of keri road. it seems to have started in the basement. the victim flown to bayview in serious condition. >> more than a dozen schools in the archdioceses of baltimore
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city closing for good at the end of the academic year. >> and that is taking hundreds of parents and students by surprise. karen parks is live at the cardinal gibbons school set to shut down this summer. karen? >> jennifer and jeff, parents and students across the archdioceses waiting for months to find out whether or not their catholic schools would close. unfortunately here at cardinal gibbons, the place where babe ruth once played baseball, the news was not good. early this morning, during a closed door meeting, principles pals of the 64 schools here in baltimore learned their school's fate and plans to reorganize the system's 23,000 students. for years, the roman catholic archdioceses of baltimore faced rising cost and declining enrollment. cardinal gibbons school has been around since 1962 and operated as a vocational school for boys before that. >> the whole process, i think, has been a shame because they
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just haven't addressed to parents, addressed the school. in a way that respects the people that have been a part of the school. >> if you speak to any one of them, they are pretty shocked and heartbroken. >> for more on the catholic school closing, go to our website at links. archbishop will hold a press conference tomorrow at 11:00 to offer more details. southwest baltimore, karen parks fox 45 news. >>well, the crisis within the catholic schools sent students at several maryland parochial schools on a field trip to annapolis to lobby for tax credits. offering tax credits to businesses in exchange for their donation to say parochial schools, more than 120,000 kids attend non-public schools. and educators say it saves the state $1.5 billion. but administrators say many families are still struggling to pay to you dismiss it will help us to sustain our enrollment by
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providing additional support to the families, to help them pay the tuition, at their schools. >> meanwhile another group was in annapolis today. urging lawmakers to raise the alcohol tax. supporters say a 10-cent increase in the tax on beer, wine and liquor would help. >> layoffs on the way for city workers in annapolis. the city is trying to cut a $12.1 million shortfall and it could be cost 60 employees jobs. first time the city's history it has had to layoff workersment 40 more positions vacant, are not expected to be filled. the layoffs start next week. >> same sex marriage is now legal in the nation's capitol. couples lined up at 6:00 to get marriage licenses. they will have to wait until march 9 to tie the knot. because of a mandatory waiting period. >> our mood is absolutely excitement. the accomplishment of today is that finally i am able to marry the love of my life.
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>> dc is now the 6th place in the united states to allow same sex marriage, connecticut, iowa, massachusetts, new hampshire, and vermont have past the measure. >> meantime the issue takes center stage in annapolis. lawmakers divided over measures to legalize same sex marriage. one measure bans the recognition of same sex marriages in other states. despite what happened in d.c. today. >> we're really happy about what is happening in the district today. we wish it was in maryland. we wish that maryland couples would be able to be treated equally under the law. >> god created man and woman. and he created them. male and female. and he instituteed marriage. >> you may recall last week, maryland attorney general doug gansler issued an opinion saying state agencies must recognize out of state gay marriages until lawmakers or the courts decide otherwise. >> retired supreme court justice sandra day o'connor in annapolis today.
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joining a panel of legal experts discussing a proposal to abolish judicial elections in maryland. o'connor is an outspoken critics of elected judges that said the road public faith in the judicial system. we would like to show you what she had to say, but she banned television station from videotaping the remarks. >> and last night we reported towson university adjunct professor fired after using a racial slur in the classroom. today he is speaking out. former adjunct professor was teaching a art class a week ago, when he referred to himself as an n word on a corporate plantation. the university fired him after the parents of a student in the class complained. >> i was more than willing to apologize. it becomes a question of, you know, is it worth destroying somebody's career? >>well the university said in a statement that it strongly supports academic freedom
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however such patently offensive language on the part of university employees will not be tolerated. he taught at towson for 12 years. >> we had rain out there today. thankfully not much snow. except a flurry or two. >> that would it be. and thankfully no more snow and warmer temperatures on the way. vytas reid has the latest. >> we have big changes coming our way. finally to warm up. and feel more like march. talking about what's going on. we had a few showers through the day today. cloudy skies. those showers have ended over the city. fie few remaining drops on the shore. moving east. as the storm leaves us. big picture here. you can see how we get the precipitation clearing the region. and it looks like the temperatures in the lower 40s right now along 95 corridor. stretching from baltimore down to fredericksberg. colder out in western maryland. only upper 20s. overnight, showers coming to an end. sun and clouds through the day tomorrow. mostly cloudy. more sun as we go through the day. into the weekend. more sunshine. and warmer temperatures.
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it just gets better. tell you all about it in the forecast coming up. >> all right vytas sounds good. baltimore man is behind bars accused of beating his infant son so badly the baby suffered a fractured skull. monday night in a home on cherry hill. daryl taylor and his girlfriend were visiting a neighbor with a baby when the fight broke out. and police say taylor hit the girlfriend, who was holding the baby. >> after the assault occurred, she was able to make her way to the bathroom. at which time she had her cell phone and called 911. however, he was able to break into the bathroom, and he got the cell phone from her, and he proceeded to destroy it by stomping on it. >> it is a shame. don't make no sense. it is not right. >> taylor's girlfriend suffered minor injuries. two month old baby boy is currently in critical condition. taylor is charged with assault, child abuse, and resisting arrest. >> some changes are being put in place to make sure that there won't be another inmate
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mistakenly released from a baltimore prison. inmates no longer released from the maryland correctional adjustment center without a fingerprint scan to verify who they are. raymond taylor walked out of the prison downtown last thursday after swapping id cards with a cellmate. picked up in west virginia. >> i was amazed at how quick it is. how accurate it is. and it will enhance our ability to do releases. >> the new fingerprint scanners cost $1500 a piece. >> another recall in the automobile industry. this time nissan. nissan is recalling nearly 540,000 pick ups, minivans and suvs because of loose break pens and faulty fuel tanks. quest, and models with he fuel bridge issues are titan, armada, infinity qx 56, frontier, path finder and xterra. >> howard county passes a new
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law that requires all new homes to have sprinklers installed. the measure past unanimously at the county council meeting wednesday. law requires sprinklers for all new detached homes in the county. a law requiring them in townhouses has been on the books since 1992. >> new guidelines for prostate cancer screenings. american medical association said men should be screened every year, if their so-called psa test has readings of .25 or higher. anything above 4.0 should get further screening like a by op disagree living with your partner before you say i do could increase chances of divorce. new study found living together entertaining knot could increase the chance that the marriage will fail by 6 percent. that counters past research, which found significantly higher divorce rates among cohas beentors, study found that cohabitation is becoming more common, especially among couples in their 20s and 30s.
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>> i want to thank you, thank you. keep the spirit alive for us. >> one of the largest search efforts in san diego history ends with brief and sadness, as a community mourns. shock and anger about the suspect's violent past. >> the goal of the stimulus is supposed to strengthen the economy, creating jobs here in the united states not china. >> fox 45 is on waste watch. how your tax dollars are funding jobs and projects overseas. instead of here at home. >> mx 403 contact departure. >> you are hearing it right. this is indeed real. a child giving pilots of commercial airliners ♪
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only at your pizza hut. >> murder and rape charges filed against a suspect in the murder of chelsea king. yesterday the body was discovered near a lake where she went missing. we have the latest. >> it was a discovery no one wanted to make. chelsea king has been missing since thursday. the 17-year-old high school senior disappeared while jogging. >> i just left the home of the kings. where i shared this information. obviously they are devastated. and i asked that you respect their privacy during this
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extremely difficult time. >> the remains found about 10 feet from the shoreline of lake hodges. >> an area we were searching extensively. and unfortunately just now found it due to the fact of a shallow grave. >> police arrested a suspect in the case. john albert garner the third, registered sex offender was picked up sunday. gardener is suspected of attacking another jogger in december. hours before the body was found the uncle spoke out. >> our hearts are torn. heartbroken. we're going to find her. >> gardener scheduled to be arraigned wednesday spent five years in prison after being guilty to molesting a 13-year-old neighbor. psychiatrist pushed for a harsher punishment but it was rejected. >> loved ones held a vigil for king tuesday night. parents and younger brother also attended. gardener arrested sunday after police discovered his dna on
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chelsea's clothing. in court he pled not guilty. and was denied bail. >> democratic lawmakers are trying to stop millions in u.s. stimulus dollars from going to projects creating most of their jobs overseas. senator charles schuyler said the issue is more than $450 million slated for a west texas wind farm. the new york lawmakered the project employed 3000 chinese workers to build the turbines, but only 300 americans to install them. >> we can't jump start our economy, and pull ourselves out of this recession, if we're putting chinese workers ahead of american workers. and the american people don't just deserve an explanation here, they deserve a solution. so that's why we are here. >> and it doesn't stop with the wind farm. schuyler said $2 billion of the stimulus plan has been awarded to overseas companies. he has asked the treasury
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secretary to stop 58 outs until the loophole in the stimulus program is fixed. >> president obama lays out his plan for health care reform. he said the overall -- overhaul would insure 30 million people that don't have coverage now and it would prevent insurance companies from denying coverage to sick people. republicans tonight call the plan, a disaster. >> if they truly believe that less regulation would lead to higher quality. more affordable health insurance. then they should vote against the proposal i put forward. >> the cost of the overhaul, will be close to $1 trillion over 10 years. so here is our question of the day. is there enough compromise in the president health reform package? 25 percent say yes. 75 percent say no. jim writes on facebook. no compromise, kill the package. it is flawed from the start. i personally don't want any part of it. but maxine writes, i totally don't understand.
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if everyone is for the people. then why can't we vote on it. >> well, we are getting ready for an absolutely gorgeous weekend ahead of us. it is a pleasure, always, to talk to vytas reid. but an extra pleasure tonight. vytas? >> thank you very much. it will be a nice weekend coming our way. lining at the stormy weather. clearing out. 39 right now. cooling off. and cloudy skies. winds out of the northwest at six. high today reached 42. reach of we should be at 49. this time of year we are close to the 50s. see some of the 50s back in play closer to the week. but once again, across the region. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. a little cooler. out there in western maryland. still holding on to the northwest flow of wind. but those winds changing as we see high pressure build in from the west. that will be one of the factors helping to take our temperatures up into the weekend. showers continue to push off to the eastern portion of the state. over toward dover. few remaining showers. but central portion of the state pretty much done with the shower activities this evening.
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continue to see this low track up to the northeast. and behind it, starting to see cloudy skies for tomorrow. and with a few sun breaks in there. and looks like more sunshine into the evening. and then the big blue h. high pressure. clear skies. sinking air over the region that means it inhibits cloud cover mainly for the weekend. allowing us to get plenty of sunshine for the next several days. starting friday, saturday sunday. monday. so a pretty good weekend. heading into the weekend with warmer temperatures as well. so looking at 37 tonight. showers coming to an end for tomorrow. and 43, northwest wind, probably start out mostly cloud into mostly cloudy afternoon. and then maybe less clouds as we get into the evening hours. five-day forecast. 45 degrees. partly cloudy skies. saturday looking at plenty of sunshine. and then holding up the sunshine for sunday. 55. 54 monday with more sunshine. back to you guys. >> thank you, vytas. >> air traffic controller at jfk airport and supervisor are suspended tonight. after allowing a child to give
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directions to pilots from the control tower. >> clear for take off. >> on the recording, the child appears to be repeating simple instructions given by his dad. but the faa did not think it was funny at all. the controller and his supervisor now on administrative leave. they could be fired pending an faa investigation. >> emotions running high in college park at this hour. hey, i just landed. yeah, i got your text.
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grab your bag. it's on. >> boy are they happy right now. in college park. in one of the most important games in the history of the comcast center. maryland terps hosted duke. 1st place acc on the line. duke had won six straight times. really doesn't get much bigger than this. greivis vasquez with his mother and father getting a thunderous ovation on senior night. emotions high. for the three seniors. first half. shaun mosley. out of st. francis with the long outlet pass to greivis vasquez.
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there is three. maryland jumps out to a early lead. later in the first. terps up seven. greivis vasquez leads the break. look at the no look pass to williams for the big throw down. plus the foul. what a finish by the freshman. maryland is up by 10. but the blue devils answer. down by 11. smith pulls up, buries the three. duke down by eight. and then late first half. maryland is on the rin. greivis vasquez finds another senior, eric haze. he knocks down the three. terps up by 11. just before the half. duke got hot from outside. kyle singular feeds shire in the corner for three. and duke trailed by two at the break. it was a war from then on. second half. terps now down three. williams banks in the hook shot. busts the foul. made the free throw. tied the game at 47. then maryland up by two. tucker feeds senior melbourne. he throws it down. terps up by four. and late second half. game now tied at 60.
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shire making a case for player of the year. drains the three. he had 19. duke, up by three. and maryland answered. guess who? greivis vasquez said no way shire. this is my night. hits the three. game tied at 63. then under a minute to go terps by two. greivis vasquez drives. look at this. just throws up a prayer. he led the way with 20 points. maryland upsets fourth ranked duke. 79-72. snapping the six game losing streak to duke, and possibly clinch a share of the acc regular title. >> reminder you can see the acc regular season finale at virginia over on the sister station, cw baltimore. terps and cavaliers tip off 1:30 saturday afternoon down in charlottesville. >> to sarasota, where the orioles open grapefruit league this afternoon against the rays. bottom third of a scoreless game. bell rips the right center.
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first two long balls for the day. for the prospect. and orioles take the lead. bottom of the fifth. o's up. markakis gets the hanging curve. and blasts it. solo home run. o's get six for total. pounded the rays. 12-2 in the spring opener. o's and rays play again tomorrow. but how about the terps? back to you.
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>> seven-day forecast looks nice out here. as we see mostly cloudy skies tomorrow. around 43 degrees. more sunshine breaking out later in the day. 45 on friday. and partly sunny to mostly sunny skies. clear on saturday, looking at 51 degrees. 55 sunday. and then monday into tuesday looking at mid 50s. with plenty of sunshine. and mild conditions continuing into the middle of the week. next chance for showers not until wednesday. with 30 percent chance of rain shower. but fabulous weekend folks. get out and enjoy it. generaler and jeff? >> no complaints, in the 60s before you know it. >> spring is here. almost. >> nice. that will do it for the "late edition". thank you for joining us tonight. i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. see you tomorrow night. have a great night. real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning ♪
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